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 Midines Changelog : :
______________ Midines 1.1.0______________________________________________________________________

- Added: Base Midi Channel Offset.

-- Desc: User request, the base Midi channels can be changed, rather shifted up / down.

-The default Midi channel assignments for Midines:
Midi Channel 01 = Pulse 01
Midi Channel 02 = Pulse 02
Midi Channel 03 = Triangle
Midi Channel 04 = Noise
Midi Channel 05 = DMC (sample) channel

Can be changed, rather shifted - to respond to different Midi Channels using the UP / DOWN pad on Controller #1.

The on screen "channel" displays the current base channel.

This defaults to Midi Channel 01, which will be the current Midi Channel the Pulse 01 audio channel responds to.

If for example while Midines was in mode 2, (toggle with start button) and you pressed up twice the "channel" display would now read "channel 03".
This sets the Pulse 01 to respond to midi channel 03. Similarly the other audio channels will have been shifted up by 2.

-"channel 03" - Midi Channel Offset
Midi Channel 03 = Pulse 01
Midi Channel 04 = Pulse 02
Midi Channel 05 = Triangle
Midi Channel 06 = Noise
Midi Channel 07 = DMC (sample) channel

Offset "a" is hex for decimal 10, "b" is 11.

- Added: Sample set expanded to 256 samples.

-- Desc: Midines 1.1 uses a new pcb (Memblers "Squeedo" mapper) that allows for 16 times more sample ROM space than Midines 1.0. Added samples include, TR707, TR808, TR909, LINN, Amen, +other breaks, and essential chiptune stabs, taunts. The 256 samples are split into two banks of 128, (max seperate midi notes on a channel), that can be switched via Midi CC 14 on the sample channel. An icon (sprite) on screen at the bottom of the sample channel displays which bank you are currently in. "B1" for bank 1 which contains mostly drum samples, "B2" which contains mostly sound effects and stabs, taunts.

- Added: DMC Address Override.

-- Desc: This new routine for the sample channel allows you to override the current sample address and length parameters. It is possible using this routine to "scrub" the samples, also even to play in reverse or scratch depending on how you use the address cc. In order to use this routine you must turn it on via Midi cc 08.

Due to how the samples are banked on the ROM, you must select different notes in order to scrub different portions of sample memory. For example usually the TR sample sets live in there own ROM banks, these rom banks are different than the (128) note banks described earlier. Yes this is all here to confuse you mega mega xD :p, but just turn the routine on, and then hit a few keys and scrub the address Midi cc 05 and you will get the idea. Also remember to set the length Midi cc to something other than 0, (Midi cc 04) otherwise you will only hear very short blips when changing the address parameter.

- Added: DMC Wave Traveler.

-- Desc: This new routine for the sample channel allows you to incrementally loop through small areas in the sample rom, allowing effects from synth lines to the Akai sample scrubbing sound. In order to use this routine you must turn it on via Midi cc 12.

Midi cc 09 is the sample offset that you can use to change the basic tone of a wave. Midi cc10 and 11 are used to control the looping length and period.

- Added: DMC PCM Mod.

-- Desc: This routine is the same as was added in Midines 1.0.4 only a param to turn on/off has been added, and it's operation has been tweaked. In order to use this routine you must turn it on via Midi cc 13.

- Added: DMC Pitch (sample playback frequency).

-- Desc: Sample playback rate is directly controllable via Midi cc 03.

- Added: DMC Loop.

-- Desc: Turns OFF / ON the sample channel looping feature via Midi cc 04.

- Removed: Midi CC GFX help screen.

-- Desc The Midi CC graphics have been removed for this release.
______________ Midines 1.0.4______________________________________________________________________

- Added: Pulse pitchbend routine is same as the tri channel, allowing full frequency pitch bends.

-- Desc: User request, inititally the full frequency pitchbend was not implemented due to the popping of the rough pitch register when ever it needs to get loaded (it resets the pulse duty cycle). Anyway it's not that big of a deal so full frequency pitch bends have been added to the pulse channel.

--- Side Effects: Somtimes you will hear a pop when shifting the pitch, this is a hardware issue internal to the sound chip. If you wish to modify the pitchbend without worrying about the popping use MIDI CC 8, this routine has not been changed and only shifts the pitch on the fine pitch sound register.

- Added: DMC direct loading of $4011 (the mystical PCM register ^^;) by MIDI CC 3 on Channel 5.

-- Desc:This is a direct pipe into the DMC DAC output register, the only reason you might want to use this atm is to geek around with distorting the sample playback, trying various amplitue modulation effects.

--- Side Effects: Using this briefly overrides the sample channel, so even though the DMC will continue to fetch data if you send a midi CC3 message on midi channel 5 it will immediately overwrite the current data loaded in the sample channel.

- Added: Midi CC GFX help screen.

-- Desc: Hit START to turn on NESFX, then hold down B+START to turn off NESFX, the midi CC numbers appear next to the readout on screen.

- Added: Seperate TR909, TR808, TR707 sampleset rom editions avaliable.

-- Desc: In addition to the standard Midines DMC sampleset, seperate 909, 808, and 707 sampleset rom versions are avaliable.
______________ Midines 1.0.3______________________________________________________________________

Added: Old midi controller / (casio) fix, note ON Velocity 0 = note off.

-- Desc: After the mono note handling routine was revised in Midines 1.0.1 if you used an older keyboard that sends 0 velocity midi note on messages as note off messages, midines would loose the internal key count and crash. This issue is now fixed and these keyboard / controllers are handled correctly.

Added: Tri Midi Pitchbend spans full Tri frequency range.

-- Desc: The pitchbend routine for the Tri channel has been redone for full frequency bends, for use as 909 / synth pitch envelopes using midi CC ect. Triangle (Midi Ch3) CC8 is unchanged, and only alters the fine pitch register for the triangle channel.
--- Side Effects: If you play a high note or a low note and pitch bend beyond the limit of the rough pitch register, the fine pitch register will wrap around. This was left in the routine since it sounds neat :p, and doesn't take away from the full tri pitch range.

Added: Pulse and Noise channel Length CC's are now linear, rather than the internal nes lookup.

-- Desc: The length registers of the pulse and noise channels were originally set directly from the midi cc9 value, however the internal note length register is not mapped linearly (in hardware), users complained of it not working correctly ect.. A lookup table now organizes this midi input as cc0 = shortest length, cc127 = longest length.
--- Side Effects: You will have to resequence your previous composition if it uses the previous length (midi CC9) to match the new mapping.

Added: Channel Volume CC7 now acts as master volume, and overrides note velocity.

-- Desc: Previously pulse/noise channel volume (Midi CC7) could be overwritten by the velocity of the last note played. Now Volume CC7 acts as a master and at 127 allows full note velocity, however the lower this cc, note velocity is scaled down.

--- Side Effects: Many sequencers don't set volume CC7 to 127 on startup, so you might not be getting the full volume range out of a channel because of this. Of course if volume CC7 is down, you won't hear the channel at all, this may break some older compositions.

______________ Midines 1.0.2______________________________________________________________________

- Added: Sample start address fix.

-- Desc: The load/start address was off on a kick / bass sample, and has been fixed.

- Added: Industrial strength midi cables.

-- Desc: The original beige/white cables have been replaced with a larger black stock.

______________ Midines 1.0.1______________________________________________________________________

- Added: Sample retriggering bug fixed.

-- Desc: Sample channel had an issue where it would retrigger every so often, which is now fixed.
--- Side Effects: Noise channel may play slightly different with previous Midines midi files. Technically there is still a chance the sample channel could double trigger if you play the pulse or noise channel while the sample channel is on. However the retriggering bug has been greatly reduced.

- Added: Improved mono note handling for live keyboard performance.
(this has been added before 1.0.1 but the very first midines carts didn't have this feature so now it's official).

-- Desc: User request, that the note on/off gating routine be revised for live keyboard playing. If you have a midines cart purchased after say... mmph mid November of 2004 this should be added in despite the 1.0 labeling on the cart.
--- Side Effects: If Midines misses a few midi note off messages the channel will act like it's stuck on.
---- Side Effect workaround : Send the Sys real time sys reset, or Sys real time stop command, or just hit the nes's power off/on to reboot the nes, reinitialize the ram.

- How to test your cart for this mono note handling routine.

If you want to determine if your cart has this update play this test Midines_1_0_1.mid.

Here is how Midines version 1.0 sounds playing this file - ver1_0_playing_Midines_1_0_1.mid.mp3.
Here is how Midines version 1.0.1 and greater sounds playing this file - ver1_0_3_playing_Midines_1_0_1.mid.mp3.
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