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Google Checkout Update 01-22-2011
Over the past year issues arising from Paypal policy at times have prevented timely ordering of Midines components & materials resulting in extra wait time to orders.

In an effort to improve service Wayfar.net is switching from Paypal to Google Checkout services for order checkout.

To adjust for inflation and shipping rate changes the price of Midines 1.1.0 is now $109.95 with flat rate shipping at $12 ea.

Midines is a single effort of Chris Kann produced in a small workshop only built per order.
Currently the realistic time from order to ship is 1 to 3 months.

Thank you for your continued patience and support.

Shipping time update 07-02-2008
Due to the growing popularity of Midines, the shipping times on Midines 1.1.0 orders have been changed to 2 to 8 weeks to allow for surges where new parts are required, and, or to allow for international orders being held in customs for any length of time. Thank you for your support.

Midines Demonstration at 8-Bit Move screening 04-18-2007
X|k will be giving a Midines demonstration after the 8-Bit Movie screening @ UC Berkeley.
Visit the Pacific Film Archive calendar for more information.

Blip Festival 2006 NYC 11-30-2006
Legendary lo-fi artists from around the world gather at Blip Festival 2006. Dual NES / Midines DJ set by x|k.
Visit Blipfestival.org for more information.

8Bitpeoples 8BP50 Compilation 11-30-2006
Midines is featured on the 8BP50 Compilation track "You're Warm" by x|k.
Visit the 8BP50 micro site for MP3 audio of the compilation.

Venetian Snares - Cavalcade Of Glee And Dadaist Happy Hardcore Pom Poms 05-29-2006
Dance music pioneer Aaron Funk brings fourth the first studio album utilizing Midines on his track "Pwntendo".
Visit Planet-Mu.com :: ZIQ150 for MP3 audio of the album.

Outra EP on 8Bitpeoples.com 01-27-2006
Outra, released on the 8Bitpeoples netlabel in mp3 format presents twenty minuates of non-stop Midines rhythms.
Visit 8Bitpeoples.com for the release.

Microdisko Awards 2005 12-09-2005
Midines wins hardware of the year award.

Midines 1.1.0 08-01-2005
Midines 1.1.0 released.

Midi Channel selection, DMC samples expanded to 256, two banks of 128 samples, new DMC effects - Address and length override, new DMC Wave Traveler effect. DMC pitch and loop to midi cc.

Pulse pitchbend routine updated, added $4011 DMC PCM update routine. For details please visit the Midines changelog page.

New demos added to sound examples section showcasing the new Midines 1.1.0 sampleset rom (TR707,TR808,TR909,LINN,amen+breaks,battles).
Nestek EP 05-30-2005
Nestek EP released on 8bitpeoples.com, 5 tracks of non-stop beats and tranced rhythms.

Midines 1.0.3 02-10-2005
Midines 1.0.3 released. Midines changelog added.
Midines avaliable direct $89.00 + $10ship via paypal.

Midines + NesFX 1.0 released 08-12-2004
Cat: wfr0xF00000
Format: Hardware-Cartridge

Midines is an independently authored, non-Nintendo licensed hardware / cartridge interface (game) that enables MIDI control of the 8bit NES sound chip. Midines allows the 8bit NES to join the ranks along side other retro gear in the professional MIDI recording studio. NESFX is a retro graphic visualization that is seeded by the incoming MIDI sound data, and is included with Midines.

Wayfar.net launch / X|K album release 11-22-2003
Cat: wfr0x000000
Format: Mp3 + Limited Edition CD (50)

Far off in the system of Phetalon, the lone avenger Xik faces off with a vectron, battling inward from inlet27 to the vectron's memory, xik searches to uncover directives against his home R12aux.
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